DID Numbers in New Zealand

Any Brand provides DID numbers for New Zealand.

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New Zealand coverage
      PBXww™ offers a vast selection of local and toll-free numbers in New Zealand and over 60 countries and thousands of area codes. This means that you can have a local voice presence both nationally and internationally, giving your business a truly global footprint.

  • Unlimited outbound calling to New Zealand and to over 70 other countries. Check countries
  • Unlimited call forwarding to New Zealand and to over 70 countries. Check countries
  • Unlimited inbound calling to your New Zealand virtual phone number
  • Unlimited calling between PBXww internal numbers (extensions)
      Our call-handling technologies are highly innovative and flexible, with PBXww™ being able to receive simultaneous calls on your virtual number and route these calls as required. In addition, you are able to display a selected local number as your outbound Caller ID when making calls from your office, home or mobile app.

  • Unlimited voice menu extensions and voice mail
  • Unlimited call queues and queue members
  • Unlimited multi time-zone time routers
  • Unlimited routing by Caller ID entries
  • Unlimited conference rooms
  • Unlimited call recording
  • Unlimited real-time SMS/email event notifications
  • Unlimited text-to-speech and pre-recorded audio messages
  • Unlimited music-on-hold playlists
      Each PBXww™ account may include an unlimited number of users each with multiple extensions per user, allowing you to build complex, multi-branch voice systems. A single user account includes:

  • One VoIP Line (SIP account)
  • One Land Line contact
  • One Mobile contact
  • One Google Talk contact
  • One Mobile App user
  • One free virtual number
Porting of existing phone numbers is supported by PBXww™. This means that if you already have a local phone number for your business, we can usually port or transfer that number so that it becomes part of the PBXww™ system.

Prefix City Setup price Mo/User
64-9 Auckland 5.99 USD 29.00 USD Auckland Cloud Phone System
64-3 Christchurch 5.99 USD 29.00 USD Christchurch Cloud Phone System
64-7 Hamilton 5.99 USD 29.00 USD Hamilton Cloud Phone System
64-3 Nelson 5.99 USD 29.00 USD Nelson Cloud Phone System
64-6 New Plymouth 5.99 USD 29.00 USD New Plymouth Cloud Phone System
64-6 Palmerston North 5.99 USD 29.00 USD Palmerston North Cloud Phone System
64-7 Rotorua 5.99 USD 29.00 USD Rotorua Cloud Phone System
64-7 Tauranga 5.99 USD 29.00 USD Tauranga Cloud Phone System
64-800 Toll-free 5.99 USD 49.00 USD Toll-free Cloud Phone System
64-4 Wellington 5.99 USD 29.00 USD Wellington Cloud Phone System
64-9 Whangarei 5.99 USD 29.00 USD Whangarei Cloud Phone System



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