PBXww is proud to present our new logo, which has been redesigned to visually convey what our company is all about: Voice Connectivity. Simplified.

This logo defines an easily identifiable brand, reflecting the quality, flexibility and generic connectivity offered by PBXww voice services. The format of the logo is that of an app button, indicating the importance of such apps in the world of connectivity, and affirms PBXww's commitment to future product development in this arena.

The PBXww configuration GUI is also undergoing constant updates so as to match our product evolution, improve the customer experience and to keep pace with changes in technology.

These updates will be completed by the end of the coming week. However, we are issuing this prior notification so that our resellers may make the necessary modifications to their websites and other material (such as changing the PBXww logo) in advance of this rollout.

Please download the new PBXww logo and stay tuned for more exciting updates.