PBXww Accelerate Groundbreaking Cloud Telephony

After 6 months of intensive development, PBXww v.3000 is available with an array of significant enhancements that will make this feature-packed virtual phone system even more attractive and effective.

Improvements include a new, CPU-efficient graphical interface, innovative and effective movement and organization of voice objects, easy duplication of contact methods, recording of outbound calls from VoIP devices and softphones, and multi-language support.
A CPU-efficient graphical interface, with a 80% reduction in CPU overhead
Objects can now be moved around the workspace in groups, allowing easy maintenance and modification of complex voice scenarios
Objects can now be moved from tab to tab, facilitating the splitting up of voice systems into logical object groups and functions
Six languages are supported by the PBXww configuration platform, including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Hebrew
Outbound call recording is now available for VoIP devices and softphones
Existing contact methods may be duplicated between Person objects, simplifying the configuration of these objects
Call Pickup is supported on IP phones and softphones, allowing you answer an incoming call from another phone by dialing *8
Real time status of VoIP devices is displayed so as to assist with troubleshooting, with a green/red indicator showing either the online or offline status of the device s